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Thai Art StoreWelcome to The Thai Art Store

We have had a Web site for Asian Art for several years now.  We have offered art from China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, but by far, the most interest has been for the art pieces we have from Thailand.  For this reason, we have established this new site devoted entirely to Art from Thailand.  We have some articles looking at some of the various forms of art that Thailand has to offer and will be getting some additional articles on specific areas of art.  You can find our articles at the “Articles” button above or by clicking Articles here.  Besides providing information on Thai Art, we also have an eStore where you can review and purchase any of the pieces we currently have. We usually make two trips per year to Thailand, and when we do – we’re always on the look out for more nice items at good prices.

As with our other eStore, we are offering Free Shipping to any US or Canadian customer and have very reduced shipping fees for our worldwide customers.

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Buddha Images and Amulets


Source for Buddhas

If you have an interest in Buddha Images, we’d like to recommend a site we found.  Here you can find many different Buddha images such as carved heads, metal figures, several types of amulets, and much more.  To visit the site and find their store, go to and click on Buddha Shop.

New Store


New Simple Store

We have just updated our store to a more simple structure and more user friendly.  Click below to see how we’ve improved it and don’t forget about our Free Shipping to the U.S.A. Canada and discounted shipping world wide.

Thai Art Store

Back from Thailand


Thai Buying Trip

We have returned from our recent buying trip around Thailand.  We picked up a few new charcoal drawings and well as some maroon Temple Rubbings that customers had been asking for.  You can find everything at Our Store.

Trip To Thailand


We Are In Thailand On A Buying Trip

We are currently traveling around Thailand on a buying trip to restock some of our store items as well as looking for more items to offer.  During this trip, there may be a delay in any shipments from our store.  If you are interested in anything we currently offer in the store, CONTACT us as we will have access to some items while traveling.

Gold Stone Buddha


Gold Leaf Stone Buddha Images

We have just added a few of these Gold Leaf Covered Stone Buddha Images to our store.  We found these at a local source in Bangkok just outside Wat Phra Kaew (The Temple of the Emerald Buddha).  Visit our store to see these and everything else we have available now.

History of Thai Art

Thai art history

Article Added on Thailand Art

We’ve recently added an informative article that takes a look at the Art of Thailand.  This will be the first of a series of articles we have planned for publication.

The view this article, click:  History of Thailand Art

Thai Charcoal Drawings

Thai_Charcoal_DrawingsNow Available, Thai Charcoal Drawings

We’ve added our collection of Thai Charcoal Drawings.  All of these are hand produced by local artists living in the Chiang Mai Area of Northern Thailand.  All pieces are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

You can see all of the pieces by Visiting Our Store.

Thai Temple Rubbings

Thai_Temple_RubbingsAll of our Thai Temple Rubbings Have Been Added.

We have these stone rubbings in two sizes – 12″ x 24″ and 24″ x 24″ and they all come in black and brown on mulberry paper.

There are MANY different designs available, and most of the pictures on these rubbings come from “The Story of Ramakien”, a Thai Epic.

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Thai Silk Paintings

Now Available, Paintings done on Thai Silk.

These are paintings done by hand on high quality Thai Silk.  The silk come in a variety of colors.  Since most of the colors are a very deep blue/green/maroon/gold, the color and beautiful silk shine does not show very well in the pictures, but these are quite nice!

The paintings on the silk are a variety of scenes from the Epic Thai Mythological “Story of Ramakien”.

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